Maritime Museum Of British Columbia

Maritime Museum Victoria BCThe Maritime Museum of British Columbia is located at 28 Bastion Square in Victoria BC.

Maritime Museum is an excellent place for studying history of various types of boats. The visit to the museum will be a pleasant trip irrespective of your age. The Maritime Museum was restored in 1889.

The Maritime Museum offers you an opportunity to explore how John Voss and Luxton started their around the world tour, in dugout canoe called Tilikum, in 1901 from Victoria. The Tilikin vessel used by these sailors is displayed in the museum.

The another display and documentary pirate in the museum provides you detailed information about the story of Bill canine ‘lightkeepers’ who saved lives of shipwrecked mariners long back in 1927. You can experience the reliving of wild voyage on massive bark Peking around Cape Horn that was undertaken by Captain Irving Johnson in 1929 during the tour of Maritime Museum. The museum also offers you an opportunity to witness more than 400 boat models. These models are of different sizes and shapes. You can find a model as small as of 2 inches and as long as 17 feet.

Maritime Museum also houses large number of artifacts especially from the periods of First World War and Second World War. It is a nice place to experience the rare feeling of touching the anti-submarine torpedo. This is one of the unique features of the museum as only few museums has such a large treasure of old age boats; and if at all they have it, they do not allow you to get the experience of touching such antique articles.

The cage elevator of the museum is main point of attraction especially for the children. The elevator bears the reputation of being the oldest operating elevator in Canada. The gold and blue lacy ornamental grillwork of the elevator adds to its beauty.

The museum organizes various tours for school children. The trip of Maritime Museum will be a hunt of treasure trip and also haunted sleepover for the children.

The museum also offers you facility of purchasing nautical artifacts like scrimshaw, brass bells, historical charts and many other varieties. You can also purchase a copper navy thimble from the museum’s gift shop for measuring a rum tot.

In fact, it is difficult to mention any one specific article or section of the museum as unique feature as there are number of attractions that merit the position of top spot. The museum provides long hours of entertainment at very reasonable fees for admission. You can enjoy the trip of Maritime Museums for three times by paying fees only for one visit. What’s more you want? Isn’t it worth to visit the museum and experience the past marine life?
Direction from Victoria B&B- Amethyst Inn:
It is within walking distance from our Victoria bed & breakfast BC accommodation.
If you turn to pandora Avenue south, museum just right on the Douglass Avenue.
It is just over one mile from our Victoria B&B. For more information, just call the Amethyst Inn B&B staff.